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The Ganjier's Systematic Assessment Protocol App

The Systematic Assessment Protocol™, developed in collaboration with 18 experts from the cannabis industry including scientists, cultivators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and artisans, is the foundation of the Ganjier program. It is a specialized, thorough, and consumer-focused analytical method that evaluates the characteristics, attributes, and measurements that distinguish exceptional cannabis from average cannabis. Each epicurean product is evaluated by a trained professional using this systematic approach to identify the top market.

As a Certified Ganjier, I have completed numerous SAP Assessments of cannabis flower and concentrates since passing my final exam on September 24th, 2021. By scanning the QR codes with your smartphone, you can access the full report which includes details on Appearance, Aroma, Flavor and Experience.

I also offer SAP Assessment services for cultivators looking to showcase their harvest, which can be done virtually via 8x8 Video Conferencing. Additionally, I have conducted these assessments in the event space for educational and entertainment purposes.

A booking page for these services are available here:

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