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Cannabae's Digital Strain Tracker

It's crucial to have a good grasp on how and why cannabis affects you when using it, as many people tend to overindulge and have a negative experience. This may occur when they consume too much through smoking or vaping, or underestimate the strength of an edible.

To address this issue, it's recommended to keep a journal of your cannabis intake, especially if you're new to using it for medicinal purposes.


By using the digital strain tracker provided below, you can record details such as the method of administration (e.g., flower, edibles, tinctures), as well as the dosage levels. This information, combined with monitoring how your mind and body respond to each method, will provide a better understanding of how to regulate your intake.

Once you've recorded all the relevant information, you may have a PDF copy of the form emailed to you for your records.

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