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PurpleStruck - Assessed by LaMott Jackson (CG)

Project type

Cannabis Flower


August 2022


Portland, ME

Legal or Legacy Acquisition

Legal - Sweet Dirt in Portland, ME.

PurpleStruct from @SweetDirtMaine has officially scored an amazing 97.3 in my SAP journal. This cultivar grown in Portland was suggested by their Budologist as the perfect strain for day laborers, tattoo artist, basically most people with a physically demanding job.

The high is centered on the body, which is great for a post workout sesh while allowing my mental to stay stable & focused. The taste is like that fancy lavender soap on a rope your Grandma had in her bathroom that she never used because it was more of a decorative piece that 'freshened up' that room than to be used for it's main purpose.

One things for sure, if I'm ever back in Portland, I'm picking up as much of this as I can. Gonna try to make this 3.5g last as long as Will Smith's Bacon in 'I Am Legend' ;) .

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