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Sierra Gelato (Thinmint Cookies x Sunset Sherbert) - Assessed by LaMott Jackson (CG)

Project type

Cannabis Assessment




New York City

Sierra Gelato.

Being from the east coast you get used to smelling all the gassy strains. But this one has a deeper funk behind it that leaps out of a jar upon popping it. It's not trying to be a cute strain, but something you better be ready for if you know any better.

Upon vaporization that gassiness goes a bit floral in it's pungency on exhale, but much of that gas remains. A fluffy, and trichome rich end product shows off it's quality.

I rated this a 94.6 in the SAP and would love to have an Oz of this on standby. This is a rarity for me as I'm not the biggest fan of gassy strains, but this worked for me in ways I didn't' expect.

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