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Unpopular Opinion, Cannabis is medicine.

Updated: Feb 25

I know what you’re thinking, “of course it is”, and you would be right. The problem is there’s this idea that cannabis has two sides. One that treats what ails you medically, allowing you to better function day to day as you take what you need. The other treats what ails you recreationally, allowing you to better function day to day as you take what you need.


Ok, hear me out. I’ve long since realized that whenever anyone is taking cannabis, they’re using it medicinally, period. If you really think about it, there is no recreational side to cannabis. The same Joint, vaporizer, bong, dab hit you would take to treat back pain medicinally, is the same methods you’d use recreationally. Perhaps in that case it’s to treat anxiety, or to give you a pick me up so you’re more comfortable in social settings. Can you really debate that recreational use is that much different from medical? I understand if you’re treating something very specific that would seem to be more medical than rec. But if you really think about it, treating for example neuropathy with three hits of cannabis flower in a joint, is no different than taking the same three hits to help you unwind before you arrive at a party, or other social gathering. In those settings, you’re allowing yourself to relax, be more engaging. It’s hard for many people to socialize, so why isn’t treating these things not considered medical?

I enjoy cannabis, a lot. I take it for what I call “Preventive Maintenance”. I do this to get ahead of anything that may be an issue. I’m often fine mentally & physically, with no major issues I need to address, but I do this as a ‘just in case’ option. To keep the CB1 & CB2 receptors of my endocannabinoid system in sync. Now by no means do I believe this to be a surefire way to claim I’m healthy. I still have doctors' visits, and address any issues in particular I may have, but as a default, I decided early on in my study of cannabis that I wanted cannabinoids from the plant flooding my system at all times.

That began in 2016, and since that time I’ve ‘found my nexus’ (the method of which I was able to determine my specific tolerance levels based on the amount ingested). I’ve also managed to ‘use the high’ to treat things based on specific situations. For example, a post workout sesh of 3 – 5 good hits of my vaporizer works great for muscle relaxation and recovery. Or if I’m about to begin an event of public speaking, I’ll take two hits to get some focus. Or pertaining to the writing of this blog, I’ve taken a hit or two of ‘Trop Cookies’ flower to help with the flow of words coming out of my head that you’re reading on the screen now.

These methods, as well as others where cannabis is a used to better manage your current situation has always been in my eyes considered a medicinal action. Snoop dog is often seen with a blunt in his hands at all times. He as a matter of fact has his own personal roller on his payroll. A guy who’s sole job is to make sure Snoop is cocked & loaded with all the blunts he will need (I’m thankful he gave that man a raise recently).

Now I don’t recall Snoop ever being interviewed about his use and if he’s doing this to treat anything. He may very well enjoy it as I do (a hell of a lot more that’s for sure). Nothing is wrong with that mind you, but I think we all need to be understanding of the fact that people’s usage of cannabis is fully rooted in feeling better, and how is that not medicinal? In the end, the better we understand cannabis and all it’s administration methods (not to mention how those methods work for us), the better we’re able to treat ourselves regardless of the situation. To look at this any other way, just seems like we’re missing the real meaning of it’s true benefits.

LaMott Jackson (CG)

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