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Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 X-Cup. Held at the Xpocanna Cannabis Expo!

The Xpocanna Cannabis Expo took place on March 25th - 26th at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Unicasville, CT. Numerous exhibitors participated in displaying their products, conducting demonstrations, and engaging in networking activities with other professionals in the cannabis industry. The event also featured a range of knowledgeable speakers who delivered TED-style presentations on topics such as licensing, cultivation, dispensary management, infusion demonstrations, and many cannabis related subjects.

Accompanying these activities was a cannabis competition suitably named "The X Cup." The competition encompassed three categories: indica flower, sativa flower, and edibles. I, along with a select few, had the privilege of serving as a judge for one or more of the categories, evaluating the entries and recording our assessments in the provided scoring manual. Following the competition, we submitted our completed manuals to the event organizers through certified mail.

Shortly after, fellow judges and I arrived to witness the announcement of the winners at the Xpocanna expo, from 3rd to 1st place. The competitors awaited anxiously to find out who would take home the grand prize of $500 for all first-place winners in each category.

Without further delay, I will now reveal the winners in the category that I had evaluated, Sativa Flower.

3rd Place went to:

Producer: Domenico

Strain: Mango Mrrr

2nd Place went to:

Producer: Dutch

Strain: Starlink

And 1st Place in Sativa Flower went to:

Producer: Shmanic Rootsa W/ Mass Yield Cultivation

Strain: Peach Milano

I didn't judge the other categories below as I didn't want to put too much on my plate (being that this was my first gig as a cannabis cup judge), regardless, here are the winners of both Indica Flower, & Edibles.

Indica Flower

3rd Place

Producer: Conchiss

Strain: Cape Cod Taffy

2nd Place

Producer: Jefe's Jardin

Strain: True OG

1st Place

Producer: Greenleaf Gene1cs

Strain: SFV x Kush Mintz


X Cup organizers attempted to base the scoring system on a .1 scale to prevent a tie. Unfortunately for them however two entries by one group ended up receiving the same score (a tie) which put them in 2nd & 1st place, resulting in the other two competitors having to share the 3rd place spot.

3rd Place

Producer: Tricann

Product: 50 Mg Gummie


Producer: 2 Moms Local Bakery

Product: Homemade Twix Bar

2nd Place


Product: S’mores Bacon

1st Place


Product: Red Velvet - Torch A Smore

In conclusion

My heartfelt congratulations go out to all the winners in their respective categories, as well as to those who didn't place. It was evident that everyone involved contributed their unique skills and abilities to the event. The cultivators and users of the harvested material are doing an excellent job of providing top-notch products to the public. The number of people producing high-quality cannabis and its derivatives plays a pivotal role in determining the industry's future direction. While inferior quality products may exist for a brief period, true connoisseurs understand that long-term quality is essential. In the end, whether a novice or an expert, everyone should indulge only in the best products available.

Thanks again to the Xpocanna and the X-Cup organizers for allowing me to be part of this event. I'm very much looking forward judging future competitions going forward.

To everyone else I'll be running the winning entries through the Systematic Assessment Protocol this week. Stay tuned for a future blog post that will give a further breakdown from a Ganjier's perspective of the winning entries.

LaMott Jackson (CG)

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