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A simplified breakdown of Cannabis Terpenes

Updated: Aug 22

I have to admit, some terpenes still elude my senses. Unless I have my palate training kit with me, I tend to get lost in all the different aromas. That being said, terpenes are a BIG part of enjoying cannabis outside of getting high. Many times in fact, it's one of the main reasons people enjoy particular strains. From the floral, to fruity, to earthy and even stinky, cannabis has a wide range of scents that remains a draw for those many 'weed snobs' like myself (Fellow Ganjier's included).

With that I decided to put together a video simplifying the unique aromatic properties of cannabis. If you've been indulging and haven't really noticed these notes I feel bad for you son, as you're missing out on one of the best reasons to enjoy this amazing plant.


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